zummii is for customers
What is zummii? Ever wanted to let a business know about your experience in their store or online? Good or bad? Now you can, right from your smartphone. zummii is a free, fun and simple mobile app that lets you tell businesses about your customer experiences. Zummii rewards customers for giving feedback. zummii gives coupons, discounts, special deals, and more.

How does zummii work?
Using zummii is even easier than it sounds. Start by downloading zummii to your smart phone. Use zummii after every shopping trip.

1) Open zummii and select the store you were in. Whether it’s a grocery trip, restaurant visit, or a hotel stay, zummii has you covered.

2) Rate your customer experience in a quick 20 second survey and you are done. Now, time to collect your rewards! Select from hundreds of grocery, electronics, discount coupons, deals and more.

3) Zummii lets you store and redeem your rewards when you are ready, right on your device. Use zummii after every shopping trip. The more you use zummii the more you rewards you get.

zummii is for businesses
Ever wanted to know your customers’ experience in your store? Good or bad? Now you can!

“Tell us how we did today with zummii”

zummii allows your business to gather meaningful customer experience data in near real-time, with the customer as a willing participant. zummii helps business gain insight about their customers so they can improve service and keep their customers happy.

zummii asks the right questions about the right experience and improves the process of gathering customer feedback. The process is immediate and simplified for the shopper.  Faster and cheaper. Manage and reduce costs associated with Service Experience Management (SEM) Programs.